City Life Staff

Juaquin "Keen" Cano

Juaquin (“Keen”) is a diamond in the rough. Keen grew up in SW Denver and experienced everything from gang violence, run-ins with the law, drug addiction with family and friends, and even death of loved ones. Regardless of those experiences, Keen graduated high-school and has been driven to bring about systemic and holistic change to the neighborhood that raised him and the one he loves. This is where Keen connected with Denver Area Youth For Christ. Keen started as a volunteer, mentoring young people at the same high school he graduated from and has now come on as a part-time staff member. Keen continues to live and serve in the SW Denver community, seeking to help young people who are facing significant life challenges. Keen yearns to see holistic peace and restoration to this beautiful community and the young people who live in it. He also wants to aid these young people so they don’t have to make similar choices he was faced with.  Personally, Keen is a sneaker, fashion, and culture “head,” who would love to open a shop one day.

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